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Ghost Story Review of "These Woods Are Haunted" Episode 4 (from Season 2) -- "Did Something Attach Itself to My Soul? and I Think I Saw a Ghost"

April 26, 2020

Review by Bryan Fitzmartin

The woods aren’t always what they’re made out to be – there is serenity there, often enough, but the woods are also a mysterious, sometimes unknown place in some ways. For those of us who happen to live in a place with forests nearby and have walked through them at night, we can attest to the nature of strange sounds that arise in the wilderness, and how one’s mind can quickly focus on what exactly those strange sounds might actually mean. The Travel Channel has captured this experience with their series “These Woods Are Haunted.” Each episode in the series always features two completely separate paranormal tales.

In Episode 5, selected for our review today, for our first story, we find three friends who decided to wander through a Florida cemetery. The friends had desired a “paranormal experience” which started out with them playing with a Ouija board until one of them had suggested that a trip to the cemetery that night might even more suit their fancy. For them, this was exactly what they were looking for until one of the teenagers (ignoring the warnings of the others) decided to desecrate a tombstone. In fact it’s true, that many people walk through cemeteries all the time, and nothing happens, and since this journey was in the dark of night, one might expect that even though a grave site was desecrated, nothing at all would happen since it was only the three friends who were around to witness it, but that wasn’t the case. The three friends ended up in a chase for their lives when they’re pursued by an evil hooded figure, and that evil spirit follows them home. One of the friends lives is forever changed by the experience with an evil that he must then overcome when he gets back. He literally attests it was an event he would never forget and stays with him forever and to this day. It shows how people must be wary of those sorts of places; while maybe nothing would happen from such an event, unspeakable darkness might that may lurk may also be released.

For our second tale, we find the strange story of an experienced hunter who’s primed for enjoying the new season in the woods. He had heard reports from family members of strange occurrences such as hearing unexplained “screaming” in the forest, but those accounts were usually simply ignored and not believed. Then one day in the woods this hunter had his sights on a deer, but out of the wilderness he saw a very strange man begin to walk across a clearing. He claimed this man was almost “floating across the woods” and did not walk in a “human” way, not to mention the fact that the apparition was also wearing an 18th century wig the way an old-time judge would. What followed was a hunter who had previously claimed he was “never afraid in the woods” and his friend wandering through well known territory at night in what should have been a simple 10 minute hike to figure out what was going on – instead they lost their way and saw the howling of an apparition who appeared straight out of the distant past. Both friends were utterly shaken by the event, and did not speak to each other during the car ride home until they had reached the main road. A strange happening indeed, especially for a hunter who felt so at home in the great outdoors, and there was never an explanation as to why the specter was wearing a British periwig.

Whether you love the show or not, the Travel Channel has captured something about the wilderness that we sometimes all feel. These stories, and those like them, show sometimes we ought to be careful of not just going into the forest, but of all the things that might go bump in the night that dwell within them. For both those that might be wary and those that are not – check back here for a new review of select ghost stories soon.


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